segunda-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2014

Lucky me in New York (III)

What else can we find in New York City?
Times Square is that chaotic place where any tourist want to be. In my opinion, overrated. I was surprised with my lovely Olympus taking night shots without a tripod, such was the intensity of the lights!! 
However, here again I felt part of a movie. I learned to catch a yellow cab (completely mandatory!!); and after a few days in US I had already had some unexpectedly enjoyable experiences and occasionally harrowing experiences. One thing that you soon discover in NY is all taxi drivers are Arabs, named Mohammed and have a terrible accent that allowed me understand 1 in 5 words. I met a 50 year old Mohammed who was driving a taxi to pay his Ph.D., but I also met a Mohammed that was titled by the lady he left before me as "dangerous" and "rude". I thought twice before entering!! but luckily I got home safe and sound after a bumpy ride :) :) 
Quite an experience!

Another unmissable experience is to take a photo in those mythical photo booths. There is one inside the M&M'S store and at the same time it takes your picture it transmits the video on a big screen in Times Square :) :)

It was great to go to NY in late November because all the streets were already decorated for Christmas. The big brand stores in 5th avenue vied for the best Christmas decoration and the New York Public Library already had its wonderful Christmas tree at the entrance. Moreover, we could hear Christmas carols in the entire area of the Rockefeller Center.


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  1. You're really really lucky !! I'm so jealous !!!

    Kiss, Kyra.