sábado, 29 de novembro de 2014

Lucky me in New York (I)

I rather travel by pictures than by words. However, New York deserves them!
When I arrived to New York it was like I have entered in a Hollywood film. New Yorkers deal with day to day with ease, making jokes all the time and praising everything they adored in you. In just 10 days, I was praised for my coat, for my hat, for my nails and my ring. And no, it was not from traders wanting to sell. It was from people crossing those crowded walkways and still had time to notice who came from the other side. It’s not absurd that in movies people fall in love at the door of Starbucks. Now, makes sense!!
I was a lucky one; I caught myself in New York City at the crossroads of two seasons. Fall & Christmas. Can you image a better match?? 
As can be read on the Central Park poster – “That moment when you escape from NY, without escaping from NY”. Central park in Fall is the paradise. Paradise for squirrels, paradise for photographers, for writers, it seemed the paradise even for the homeless. This paradise took nine beautiful hours of my day!

Chilly days were warmed not only by lots of cappuccinos but also by fall colors in Central Park. Were warmed by the friendliness of the people. Were warmed by Christmas songs in Rockefeller Center. Were warmed by Christmas lights on 5th Avenue. Were warmed by the lights in Times Square. Were warmed thanks to several hours spent in makeup stores. Were warmed by the views from the Top of the Rock 67th floor. 
Warm up with me in the next post.


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